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  • 4/15/07-Ok, it is tax day!!  But we have already done our taxes and squirreled the money away months ago.  Steph and I have been slowly working on our list. Some of our big tasks have been at least figured out.  Things like reserving the storage space, getting the health insurance, and setting up the yard sale.  Yes, we like a lot of people have way too much junk. Now that I have started looking at it all, it is scary how much you tend to accumulate.  I have also given notice at work so it is official! It is all starting to come together.  We have contacted most of the people we will be in the area to see on the trip and are excited to spend a little time with them. On a positive note, the health insurance and storage space has turned out to be cheaper than we budgeted for, so that leaves a little more money for other areas!!!! Yeah.  Jay

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