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  • 5/31/07 - I haven't blogged in awhile.  Sorry we have been busy.  The last week of work was surreal.  It still doesn't feel real and I have been off work for a week now.  I was and am simply floored by the generosity and out pouring of love.  Friday day my co-workers got together to write and sing me a song.  They modified the So Long song from the Sound of Music.  It was so well done and creative.  Way to go guys!  It got me laughing and in the end it left me crying.  Friday night my co-workers and friends set up a going away happy hour at ABC.  And everyone came out!  It was awesome to get to laugh and play with my co-workers.  Jay was great and took pictures for me.  I was so happy about the party, just seeing everyone and then… the cards came out.  The notes and well wishes got the tears going.  And they also gave us gift certificates! For gas, for food, and for fun.  It was awe inspiring and unnecessary.  Thank you all so very much!  I don't know how to thank you properly, but I will do my best to thank you as much as we can.  Saturday Cathy and I went out and got makeovers.  My hair got chopped and we both got funky highlights. (yes there are pictures in the gallery).  Then Saturday night we went out with a few of Jay's co-workers to the West Shore Hardware bar.  Oh what fun we had!!!  There were shots, dancing on the bar, and well you can gather the rest J  Then Sunday was spent packing and taking stuff to storage.  Gosh we have a lot of stuff!  Jay was and is fabulous taking on the lion share of the work.  Thank goodness for his muscles!  But the fun didn't stop there.  My swim class had coffee in my honor.  Oh and the gag gifts they gave me were awesome!  We debuted our new dance and our favorite coffe spot.  The laughter and fun was a great way to say good-bye, but wait there is more.  They faked me out.  That wasn't the real party.  The real party was surprise later that night.  Oh did they get me good.  We all had punch and little eats.  Jane made these chocolate peanut butter things that drove Jay wild.  Jane you must send me the recipe!  And then there was more singing and dancing.  I just wish that I had brought my camera.  I am truly blessed to have such great friends.  What ever will I do without you!  I hope you will all write when you can.  Can you believe that tomorrow is the big day???  Wish us luck.  Tomorrow we launch!   - Steph

  • 5/21/07 - This week is my last week at work.  I am so bad at saying good-bye.  I mean I am ready and excited about the next chapter in my life.  At the same time there have been so many amazing people that I have worked with over the past 7 years.  I started out as a tech support person and I am now a manager and the Tech Team Lead.  The project has grown by leaps and bounds and so have I.  So how do I say thank you?  How do I adequately say how much they have impacted my life?  How do I express that it has truly been an honor with out sounding too cliché?  How do I say I am going to miss you all without starting to cry?  I have been at this job for longer than any other.  The people that I work with are more than just colleagues.  They have become family.  I know that they all will continue to excel.  And I hope that we will stay in touch, but time and distance changes relationships.  This I know, but I also know they have made a permanent impact on my life.  So I know that I will fumble through saying good-bye and thank you all week long.  I know it will be a week filled with tears.  All in all, I know this may be the last week at work, but the experience and the people have changed me forever.  - Steph

  • 5/19/07- FOOD REVIEW - JK in Danbury, CT it is a small town fast food place.  It almost looks like a refurbished Wendy's.  Here you get sandwiches, salads, thick milkshakes, and the Famous Texas Hot Wieners.  The book, Roadfood, spoke of eating possibly 4-5 in a sitting.  I was only able to eat 2.  These hot dogs come with mustard, onions, and hot spices.  I would equate the seasoning to that of chili seasoning.  You can get them with cheese, coleslaw, and chili.  Jay liked the coleslaw option.  We both agreed that it was good prices and good portions.  Definitely gave us a hometown feeling.  Be fore warned, it is a cash only establishment.  We had to take a stroll to the CVS down the street to get cash. -Steph

  • 5/19/07--We are on the road!  Okay, we really haven't started or adventure yet.  The launch date is still set for June 1, but we needed to drop off the motorcycle in Maine, so we are on the road.  The bonus of all of this is we get to visit with family.  Last night was spent in NJ with Dad and a bonus guest…Uncle Tom!  as the only female in the inner sanctum, it was a hoot.  Let us just say the evening was full of good food, good scotch, and good conversation.  I will let you imagine the rest.  It was wonderful to get to catch up on all of the family news.  Just found out that my cousin Suzy is expecting!  Congrats Suzy and Ryan!  It is always great news to hear that a wonderful family is growing that much bigger.  Looks like I have to get to knitting. J  Currently I am in the car and we are on our way to ME.  The weather is cold and rainy, but our spirits are high.  Jay and I can't wait to see his family.  Knowing Angie and Rick, I am sure the whole crew, cousins, grandparents, etc will be there for dinner or will stopping by.  I am hoping to put the Roadfood book, thank you Cindy, to good use today.  I have read of wonderful places to stop in CT.  We have choices that range from spicy hot dogs to what the book totes as one of the best cheeseburgers.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it.  Don't worry I will report out tomorrow with all of the details of what we found.  Until then - Steph

  • 5/14/07 - Well it has been about a month since I last wrote. Many things have happened since then. We have had two yard sales and brought in about 300 dollars! That will probably be enough to get us from Pennsylvania to Florida, the way gas prices are rising!!  It was so great to see some of the (sh*t) junk be taken away to a new home for some other poor slob with too much shi….,  aw I almost said it, to enjoy. He he!! It is also nice to have some space again in the house to stack more boxes and bins and sh….tuff into.

During the first yard sale I had the idea to set up the tent to air it out and to make sure that it had all the parts and pieces together. Upon trying to set it up, I got a little annoyed and pushed the envelope and well… I ripped it!!  Not a little, tiny, not so bad kind of rip, but a hey look I made a second door!! So the tent that we thought we didn't need to buy, yeah add it to the list honey.

A couple weeks ago, I had my wisdom teeth removed. It really doesn't have anything to do with the trip but the left over pain meds could help me sleep during the trip.  It wasn't so bad. I went to sleep, I woke up, I had less teeth. I lost a weekend of getting ready to lay on the couch and recover.

We got the storage space today, so over the next two weeks we hope to put a lot of our sh…. tuff into storage and go through the remainder of our list to double check that we haven't forgotten anything.  Jay out!!

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