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  • 6/27/07 - Oh what an evening.  Jay and I learned an important lesson yesterday… everything is not as advertised.  What do I mean?  Well, our campground was advertised as having WiFi, a camp store, a pool, and down home appeal.  That includes free breakfast as well as cake and cookies at check-in.  Ok, so it had everything it advertised…BUT  the pool water was green.  The WiFi only worked in the break room.  The camp store was small.  The cookies were store bought and a day old.  The breakfast was tiny danishes and mini-doughnuts.  The bathrooms weren't very clean and there was only 1 set.  It was so far away from our campsite we contemplated driving to it.  Then there was the highway.  They mentioned it was close, but it as in rock throwing distance.  I would say one the highlights was the break room, since it had A/C, direct TV, and was open until 11pm…. but it also had a mouse.  Jay had a great time laughing at me while I squeaked about the mouse.  It started out as a nature moment…oh how cute….Look it is Stewart Little…. then the mouse got adventurous and started climbing the furniture.  Then it started towards us.  Jay enjoyed scarring back under the chair.  Meanwhile I had flashbacks to when I had gerbils…mean gerbils.. that bit me.  So squeaking ensued.  We went to the break room for 2 reasons.  One I wanted update the website and two Jay wanted to get away from the ants.   The ants?  Well all evening long these ants bit Jay's toes.  There was no getting away from them.  The only options were to go in the tent or go to the break room.  Well after our nature moment in the break room, we trekked back to our campsite.  There we fell asleep to the dulcet tones of trucks driving by on the highway.  Lessoned learned.  But it makes for a great story doesn't it.   With a smile and yawn - Steph

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