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7/31/07- Colorado the land of my (Steph's) cousins Jay and I got a chance to visit with two of my cousins, Carl and Suzy.  Suzy, her husband Ryan, and their son Tyler were our wonderful hosts in Denver.  I know I have mentioned then before.  They are an amazing family full of love and laughter.  Jay and I felt very welcome and at ease.  On our first day there we met up with my cousin Carl and his wife Jennifer for hike.  It was the whole gang hiking up the mountain.  Jennifer was a champ leading us along the trail.  I was in awe of her drive and stamina.  I personally couldn't believe I was hiking up a mountain.  A mountain!  Now it wasn't a long hike and I didn't have a little one on my back like Ryan did, but I still felt a sense of accomplishment all the same.  We filled the evening with a night out on the town in Denver.  The next day Jay and I went to a Rockies game.  (Thank you again Carl and Jennifer for the tickets!)  Sounds like we are developing a theme with all of the baseball games we have been to so far.  Then Jennifer and Carl had us all over for a great dinner.  Jennifer is quite a cook.  Meanwhile Carl kicked everyone's butt at pool.  I heard some one say something about home advantage ;)  It was great couple of days.  I feel like I got to know my cousins a little better and I can't thank them enough for making us feel so at home.  Now a special note about the little sweetie we metů Tyler.  He is one of those dangerous kids, because he is so sweet.  He had Jay and I wrapped around his little finger.  I didn't even mind when he decided to combine us both and call us both Jay.  Worked for me J  He will always have a special place in our hearts.  It makes me so happy to think this little family is growing yet again.  We also want to wish Ryan much luck on his 72-mile bike ride this weekend.  Seriously Ryan you are our hero.  So with a warm feeling in our hearts and sigh we move on to the next leg of our journey looking forward to when we can come back to Colorado.  - Steph

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