This is our website about our grand adventure to see the U.S.  Steph and I were facing a decision to relocate back to New England from PA because of  jobs and family. Somehow the topic came up to take some time off to take a tour of our home country. Many

places that we would like to see, not only the landmarks but also ways of life and different landscapes. The face (neck, chest, and buttocks) of our great nation!!  As I write this opening blurb, it is a couple days away from New Years eve and we have been discussing and planning the trip for to months. At first I was ready to call work the next morning and tell someone, anyone that I was not going to be in, thanks for the memories, Hasta La Vista, and Bub bye! 

         After spending many days thinking about the possibilities, we calmed down and started making lists.  The realization at the magnitude of the trip really started to hit us. #1  How much money is this going to take?  Well after our first attempt at a budget, we looked at each other with wide eyes and decided we would try again in a little while.  The next was what are we going to need to bring on the trip and how the heck are we going to fit it all in the Jeep!  Well as scary as it was, we were undeterred and still excited. If the budget didn't stop us then nothing would.  At this point, a date has been set and we are refining the details.  Take a look at our blog page to keep up with our current events.

Traveling the U.S.

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Traveling the U.S.

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